Google Pay Partners With Fave Offering Stacked Bonuses Of Cashback And Rewards

If you’re a bit disappointed with Google Pay‘s reduced rewards in the past few months, this piece of news might be more uplifting.

After all, it was hard to fight the addictive bonuses Google Pay afforded during their Chinese New Year Campaign.

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Will they see the same success with their new partnership with Fave? Looking at the benefits, it might be a positive step in the right direction.

From today onwards, Google Pay users will be able to scan any FavePay SGQR code and earn both Fave’s cashback and Google Pay’s rewards at the same time.

Here’s a quick visual to see it in action –

To help sweeten the deal, existing Google Pay users stand to earn up to S$3 for their first three FavePay transactions.

All things considered, the lack of friction without having to sign up for a Fave account is a good thing in our books. Do check out their FAQ for all the finer details.

Who doesn’t love a small deal daily to help defray costs? Don’t forget to sign up for Google Pay to get this going if you haven’t!

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