Google Pay Singapore Offers Users More Opportunities To Score S$88.88 From Now Till 26 February

Ever since Google Pay made it’s big push in December 2020, the company was rather generous in onboarding new customers. However, over time the benefits seemed to have lost its shine.

Thankfully, Chinese New Year is an opportunity for Google to shower even more wealth on their users.

Introducing Huat Pals – a new social game built into Google Pay that you can win cash from S$8.88 to S$88.88!

The app’s added feature rewards both new and existing users of Google Pay by collecting all 5 characters or “Huat Pals” given through transactions, referrals and several other actions.

[Update 6 Feb 2021: At the point of time it seems that the Google Pay Singapore team cannot decide whether to be generous or stingy. All mechanics below are subject to change DAILY. This is probably the best real life example of Calvinball]

To earn yourselves some ang pows, you’ll have to start collecting “Huat Pals” and there are four ways to do so:

  1. Making eligible transactions above $1 to unique merchants daily on Google Pay. (3 times) Types of transactions include:
    • Using Tap & Pay in-store (for NFC-enabled Android devices)
    • Using Scan and pay (via PayNow SGQR or via a UEN)
    • Purchasing movie tickets from Shaw Theatres or Golden Village on the app
    • Ordering food on the app
  1. Sending at least $1 to different friends who are on Google Pay (3 times)
  2. Referring new friends to Google Pay (3 times)
  3. Gifting or receiving ‘Huat pals’ to/from friends (8 times)

Every action can be completed multiple times a day. Users can give “Huat Pals” 8 times and complete the other 3 activities thrice each totalling up to 17 “Huat Pals” collected every day! 

One of the 5 “Huat Pals” that you can unlock, the Boss Pineapple called “Ah Huat” provides an opportunity to drop a “Gift Basket” which is another key to maximize your chance to win!

The “Gift Basket” is an in-game reward that allows the receiver to share the reward with friends and family to claim more gifts. These gifts include a random mix of FairPrice Online vouchers, ang pows, or additional “Huat Pals” to add to your own collection. So make sure your fingers are fast enough to claim it before others do!

Don’t forget to opt into Google Pay rewards to play and keep your Google Pay app updated to the latest version for the best experience!

“Huat Pals” is available on Google Pay from 4 – 26 February.

Sign up for Google Pay here and do let us know if you need to trade specific Huat Pals!

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