Get A Taste Of The Philippines With The First Maxi Mango Outlet In Singapore

Mango is arguably one of the most popular fruits in Southeast Asia, in close competition with the pineapple, banana and the (in)famous durian. The mango craze is especially big in the Philippines, as one can see from one of the nation’s latest trends — Maxi Mango. And it’s here in Singapore.

When you take one of the sweetest and juiciest fruits and blend into silky-smooth soft serve, you have yourself a heavy hitter right there. That’s what founding duo Miki and Ivan Velazquez considered when they first came up with the formula back in 2017.

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And in a blisteringly-hot country like Singapore, entries from Maxi Mango are perfect for cooling you down.

In any case, the sole outlet in the Little Red Dot, while a tad modest in real estate, more than makes up for it with its superb mango-based soft serves. Each entry is filled above the hugely popular mango soft serve, coupled with bits of diced honey mango (all flown in from Davao, Philippines) in it. On top of that, you have the option of a variety of toppings that add a smattering of flavour.

The Maxi Mango Singapore launch sees the debut of five signature flavours that made it such a hit back in the Philippines: Mango Graham, Mango Keso, Mango Ube, Mango Coconut, and the traditional Maxi Mango. They each come in 8oz (S$4.90) and 12oz (S$6.90) variants.

The Maxi Mango is as classic as it gets. But don’t be fooled if you’re digging in thinking it’s just going to be mango on more mango — the honey mangoes are juicy, and complement the creamy soft serve. That mild tangy sourness that accompanies the mangoes is a nice finishing touch as well.

The Mango Graham incorporates another Filipino delicacy — the refrigerator cake — using a combination of baked graham crackers, sweet cream, on top of the delicious mango goodness. An excellent hybrid of crunchy and soft, great for those who like to munch.

This next entry is a cheesy one. No kidding — the keso (cheese) in the Mango Keso dominates the cup in a rather interesting mix of sweet and savoury. It’s a popular variation of the Maxi Mango, and for good reason. Cheese crackers are added as well for more crunch.

The Mango Ube infuses another highly popular flavour in the soft serve, and that is ube (yam). Ube sauce is drizzled over the soft serve, which creates a really interesting colour combination — easily the most eye-catching of the lot. Not to mention it’s extra-sweet, too, and will no doubt tantalise those with a hankering for a sugar overload.

Last but not least is a Singapore exclusive — the Mango Coconut. As its name suggests, the soft serve is accompanied by generous helpings of sliced coconut, which really bring out the sweetness of both fruits. To top it off are some feuilletine flakes (similar to Chinese love letters) to add some much-needed crunch.

But that’s not all, though — Maxi Mango has also included beverages as another option for you to get away from the heat. The Mango Shake is the more traditional offering, with a smooth blend of mango soft serve and shaved ice; the Original Mango Graham Shake infuses graham crackers into the mix — again, if you like to munch on something as you drink.

From Left: Maxi Mango’s Mango Shake, Original Mango Graham Shake.

Both shakes come in 16oz cups and retail for S$6.90 each.

Singapore’s Maxi Mango outlet will officially open on August 2, 2019. Here’s where you can find it:

Maxi Mango Singapore
Venue: Capitol Singapore #B2-29, 13 Stamford Road, Singapore 178905
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm (Monday – Sunday)

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