The nostalgia factor is strong with Hasbro’s reissue of Blitzwing and Astrotrain but not necessarily in the form that you would remember them in. We’ve seen Blitzwing in recent years looking totally updated and badass in his Generations form while Astrotrain is still stuck in the past.

blitzwing generations

In terms of popularity wise, I would say that Astrotrain had much more visibility in the past having appeared (as I recall) more times than his other triple changer counterpart, Blitzwing, in the cartoons. How times have changed.

Looking back, these triple changers must have been some form of engineering feat in the toy world. As a kid image the glee of having three modes in a single Transformer when the norm was two.

Bringing it back to 2015, most Transformer fans are now mostly adults and looking to scratch their nostalgia itch. Hasbro’s latest release of Blitzwing and Astrotrain as a nicely boxed Platinum Edition comprises of a totally new colour scheme that might confuse your inner child.


I’ve never owned the original Blitzwing as a kid nor did I even see it in stores so transforming him for the first time is a pretty awesome experience.


Blitzwing comes right out of the box in his jet fighter mode. His plane silhouette is not as distinctive as Starscream and the seekers and I guess that’s what makes him more unique.

Ugh, scuff marks.

In jet mode, Blitzwing has a bit of trouble lying flush on the surface as the tank turret on the underside gets in the way. That should matter little has planes are meant to be airborne most of the time! Turning it around makes it fit much better though it makes him look like he has a tail.



These non functioning missiles are removeable and do not come with a spring loaded mechanism which I was hoping it would.


A quick change and Blitzwing changes into a beefy tank. The instructions list it as 5 steps to get him from jet to tanks which is pretty spot on. The transformation is absolutely non-complex for a triple changer.

The tank mode is my favourite form for Blitzwing. There are a few ways that you can adjust to turret to fit and it looks pretty good either way. My preference is for the turret to sit above the cone of Blitzwing so that the rear of the tank looks cleaner. Coolest part of it all is that his cannon extends!

Blitzwing’s robot mode is the weakest of all the forms but it’s pretty much in line with other jet fighter Transformer derivatives.

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What stuck me as interesting was that Blitzwing had non conventional hands, so his weapons actually go in from the side for him to hold.


Another interesting aspect was that in order to help Blitzwing stand, the wing tips rotated front instead of the back. Not a big issue but for the aesthetic purists this might be irksome.

Blitzwing probably would have been awesome back in the day but with a new Generations release and him being a rather popular 3rd party choice, the field is ripe for comparison.


I was fortunate enough to own Astrotrain as a kid. It was a hand me down from my brother and he was prolly my only Decepticon back in the day. Everything that I remembered about Astrotrain is pretty much still here, nothing has changed.


We get Astrotrain out of the box as a space shuttle and he feels as I remembered. The blue parts of the figure are metal die-cast and lends a good heft to the overall feel of the toy.

When I said exactly the same, the nose cone transformation still gives me issues. Sigh.


Going from space shuttle to train is extremely simple as well. I screwed up the transformation here by forgetting to flip out the wheels. Please forgive me.


I noticed a serial number printing that looks rather out of place. Part number perhaps?


Everything about Astrotrain is awesome. Even his robot mode has articulated arms, to a certain extent that is. I wouldn’t have realized the significance of this as a kid but now as an adult I’m now able to appreciate the effort put into the small details.


Strangely, I never had his weapon and it almost feel like he’s overcompensating for something.

The best part of it all? THIS –


Don’t seem many rubsigns around nowadays. Might be a cheap thrill but the nostalgia rush is all too real.

Transformers toys in general have moved ahead by leaps and bounds, so if you are planning to get Hasbro’s Platinum Edition Blitzwing and Astrotrain some management of expectations is essential.

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The transformations might feel really primitive but it is still authentic to the experience of old. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy a MSIB Astrotrain or Blitzwing just to display on the shelf as a box. Toys are meant to be taken out and played with .

While the biggest complaint might be the change in colour palette for each figure (which is a surprising change) perhaps it all goes down to old copyright and what not. If you are able to look past that, this would be an affordable way to relive your childhood, I’d say go out and grab it now.

Ready stock of Hasbro’s Platinum Edition Blitzwing and Astrotrain should be available at your nearest Toy’R’Us at SGD$169.90.

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