Geek Review Rhythm Sprout

Geek Review: Rhythm Sprout

Rhythm games have predictably been centred around playing instruments, including physical ones. After all, it is the easiest way to provide player feedback on how well they are doing. However, indie developers SURT is taking a different approach, partnering with tinyBuild on Rhythm Sprout for a rhythmic experience that puts strategic combat at the forefront.

Taking on the role of Sprout the Chosen Onion, players will have to serve the boisterous King Brock and solve the many issues that are plaguing the Vegetable Kingdom. How many of those are truly threatening his rule is entirely up to your discretion, but it makes for a lighthearted and generally fun story that serves to push players along and let the gameplay be the main attraction. 

Rhythm Sprout, as the name suggests, is going to test players’ mastery of hitting beats on time and taking the right action. Different coloured bars require the right inputs, and this allows Sprout to move, dodge, and attack his enemies in the 20 campaign levels available. 

Only by getting the timing down and hitting the right notes can you help Sprout to beat his enemies and make it to the end of the level in one piece. While things start off on a more gentle note, it doesn’t take long for the game to become more demanding, with notes coming thick and fast, and more interesting enemies throw different combinations at our hero to spice things up further.

There are also mini-bosses to contend with, which usually bring a heightened level of challenge into the proceedings

Geek Review Rhythm Sprout

That’s not to say the game is unfair, but it definitely caters to those that are into rhythm games like no other genre. From chaining the same notes at a normal pace to making quick switches between the various inputs while trying to keep track of everything can be a rude awakening for those just dipping their toes in with Rhythm Sprout.

It helps that the variety of music that determines the pace of things is quite broad, ranging from lo-fi chill beats to more heavy metal tunes that will have you rocking along to the beat. There is likely something for everyone here, and even when the levels are battering you to bits, having that pleasing soundtrack makes trying again less of a frustration.

Mastery of Rhythm Sprout comes in two forms. Hitting all of the notes with precise timing while getting high scores will reward stars, and as you accumulate them, unlockable bonus levels and cosmetics become within reach. In total, players can look forward to a total of 30 levels to power through, as long as they are earning those stars as part of the journey. 

Despite not having that many levels, Rhythm Sprout does allow for increased replayability thanks to the aforementioned chase for more stars, and the additional Prequel and Bonus levels. Modifiers can also be applied to make things even more daunting, such as boosting the speed of levels with Turbo or using Mirror to invert controls and flipping the notes, if that is more your cup of tea.

Geek Review Rhythm Sprout

As for players who might find themselves struggling, there is a Beginner Mode to help you out. This feature lowers the challenge by removing the need to match inputs to notes except for dodge, so you essentially have one less thing to keep track of. Of course, the lack of any other notable accessibility options to make things easier does seem like a missed opportunity, although the title’s penchant for amping things up already suggested as much.

Nevertheless, Rhythm Sprout does excel in what it wants to do, which is to provide an action-oriented rhythmic experience that boasts a decent story championed by a protagonist and plenty of colourful, absurd characters that will more than likely elicit laughter from its audience. While beginners will likely have a harder time, genre veterans will have a great time rocking to the beat.

Rhythm Sprout is available on the PSN Store for $20.09.



Combat and rhythm come together in a fun medley that tests anyone unprepared to pick up the ropes fast, Rhythm Sprout is challenging but still ultimately enjoyable.

  • Gameplay - 8.5/10
  • Story - 7/10
  • Presentation - 8/10
  • Value - 7/10