One of the sets that I’ve always had my eye on was Rey’s Speeder (75099) that was part of the first wave of The Force Awakens sets and as luck would have it, a generous AFOL passed me this set for review over the New Year!

LEGO Star Wars Rey's Speeder 75099 Review (2)

Build Experience

This is actually quite a small set with only 193 pcs in total and it comes with two minifigures, Rey and some random Unkar’ thug. (I would have much preferred if they had included the character Teedo instead.) This could easily be built in under 30 minutes by a proficient AFOL or a very determined 7 year old. This set comes with a few stickers that I didn’t feel was necessary. It does add a bit of character to the speeder but nothing that would be missed if you didn’t stick them on.

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There are two things going for this set, one is that it is small and quite compact in the overall build and secondly, it is a land speeder which by default, makes this automatically playable. Once this is built, the kids are just going to run with this and have imaginary aerial battles with their other toys. And being compact, it doesn’t fall apart too easily and is definitely “swooshable” (a word that my nephew came up with)


The retail price for this set for Singapore is $49.90SGD which is about $0.23 cents per piece after the discount is applied. It is definitely still cheaper to get it in the United States as the retail price is only $19.90USD even with the currency exchange. However, this set is full of dark red elements which is great for AFOLs who do their own models and dioramas as that is not a colour that some of these parts are readily available.


LEGO Star Wars Rey's Speeder 75099 Review Playability open

This is probably the smallest yet most compact rendition of Rey’s Speeder. I like the fact that the side panels of the speeder open up to reveal some cargo space and there is actually a couple of stud shooters in the front which odd because I don’t recall it to have a weapons system.

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What’s missing here is a net and BB-8 to round out this set nicely!

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