'Gears of War' Creator Pleads Netflix To Not Cast Chris Pratt In Movie

‘Gears of War’ Creator Pleads Netflix To Not Cast Chris Pratt In Movie

If you didn’t already catch the news, Netflix is moving ahead with several adaptations of the hit video game series, Gears of War. We are talking about a movie treatment, as well as animated series that is made for adult audiences. Of course, such a big crossover is bound to elicit some reactions, and there’s one interesting one from the designers of the series. Cliff Bleszinski, the former lead designer, is excited about the Netflix adaptation, as long as Chris Pratt isn’t involved.

Taking to Twitter, the outspoken game developer definitely did not hold back. Just check out the exact verbiage of his tweet below regarding the Gears of War franchise working with Netflix:

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That said, the Netflix collaboration has not announced any actors for any of its projects, so this might have been a tad premature. Nevertheless, it seems the reception towards Pratt continues to skew negative, even as the actor prepares to debut as Mario himself in the upcoming movie.

Perhaps this will give Dave Bautista more of a boost in his prolonged campaign to get into the role of Marcus Fenix, something that has kinda already happened in the video game space. He also happens to have the support of Bleszinski, although the former designer has no say whatsoever with the Netflix and Gears of War projects.

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Netflix Gears of War

Both the movie and animated series have no set release date just yet, but that will change as soon as we learned more about who is going to be part of the productions. Whether Pratt would be considered is a whole other can of worms, but we will get there whenever that happens.