The Game of Life Gets A Nintendo Makeover With A Super Mario Edition

The Game of Life, the classic family board game, now gets the Nintendo treatment with The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition.

Instead of boring things like getting a career, getting married, or buying a house, now players can buy stars, collect power-ups, and recruit companions!

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Play as iconic characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi. Traverse the Mushroom Kingdom by spinning the timeless wheel on the board to determine how many spaces to move.

There will be mini-games such as Thumb Wars and Rock, Paper, Scissors along the way as players compete against each other to defeat Bowser. The board is also more akin to an open world rather than a linear race track, which allows for a bit of strategising from the players.

But let’s be honest here guys, it’s The Game of Life. If the game allowed for some stomping on koopa or goomba, we’d be all in.

It feels like a tamer version of a Mario Party title, and will look good on a shelf, giving it that collectible quality. It’s always nice to see The Game of Life in a fresh new coat of paint, especially one as beloved as the world of Super Mario.