Gallery of Secrets: The Lost Lily – This Physical X Online Hybrid Mystery Gives You A Chance To Win Real Treasure

The media we consume tends to be divided into clear categories. For example, Inception is a film, while Elden Ring is a game. Sure, the mediums do inform each other, but for the most part, it is unlikely that one would confuse one for the other. However, often the most eye-opening productions tend to be those that cross genres and take from the strengths of all of them. The Theatre Practice and National Gallery Singapore partner up to bring us Gallery of Secrets: The Lost Lily.

A thrilling interactive multi-platform treasure hunt that combines theatre, film, and gaming, this production follows the smash hit of The Bride Always Knocks Twice – Killer Secrets (2021) by The Theatre Practice. The production team includes director Kuo Jian Hong, playwrights Jonathan Lim and Liu Xiaoyi, producer Kat Goh, composer Joe Ng, director of photography Rachel Liew, and production designer Daniel Lim. Many on the team were part of the previous production.

This treasure hunt happens in three chapters – The Painting, The Hunt, and The Treasure.

Chapter 1: The Painting, sets up the premise of the production before you, as treasure hunters, get started on your journey. It is a 30-minute livestream that doesn’t allow for playbacks, but it will build up both the atmosphere and anticipation for what comes next.

Chapter 2: The Hunt, is where the bulk of the experience is at. The Hunt is experienced at your own pace, consisting of seven levels for you to ‘play’ through. The sixth level is a timed event, so it’s bound to have that feeling of thrill we’ve come to associate with treasure hunts. The story involves a lost painting and a mythical treasure while one man chases after another man’s ghost. During the treasure hunt, you will be exploring the National Gallery Singapore, solving puzzles on-site as you interview the colourful cast of characters, gather clues, and crack all the codes presented to you. 

Along the way, you will find out how much history each work of art can hold, and feel how art connects the past with the present in its own unique way. This is an innovative approach to give you glimpses of Singapore’s history that could go easily unnoticed otherwise.

“We hope that audiences will be able to encounter the arts and our storied architecture in a new light, as we embrace multidisciplinary storytelling and all its possibilities through this innovative partnership.”

– Ms Suenne Megan Tan, Senior Director, Museum Planning and Audience Engagement, National Gallery Singapore

Finally, Chapter 3: The Treasure, is a 20-minute livestream that won’t allow for playback just like Chapter 1, and it reveals the truth behind all the mysteries set up during the course of the previous two chapters, answering all the lingering questions that you could have following the more active second chapter. 

It is a production that fuses the physical and digital into a singular adventure, and there’s no need to worry about having to rush to complete it, since it depends entirely on your ticket date and speed of play. For those who prefer to take it at a more leisurely pace, the whole experience can be stretched over the course of two weeks. This is a hybrid production that balances the experimental with strong general appeal.

“Our aim is always to create a great game AND a great show. We’re excited to build a new world for participants to fall in love with, and a fresh mystery to torture them with!”

– Artistic Director Kuo Jian Hong

The treasure hunt may be fictional, but if you participate in Gallery of Secrets: The Lost Lily, you might stand a chance to snag real treasure! Try to complete the second chapter as fast as you can, and the fastest to uncover the treasure’s location will enter a draw to win up to S$1,800.

The show runs from 4 to 18 April 2022. When booking tickets, choose your time slot for Chapter 1 and Chapter 3, but don’t forget to leave ample time between so you can tackle the mysteries to your heart’s content. After the on-site treasure hunting adventure, don’t forget to drop by the rooftop of National Gallery Singapore a cocktail by Smoke & Mirrors, Alistair’s Elixir, which is inspired by this production and is available at a special promotional price of S$22 when pre-ordered with the show tickets.

There will be Early Bird Pricing that’s valid for the first 300 tickets and available till 13 March 2022. Gallery Insiders, BERRIES students, PAssion Card members, and other partners also get to enjoy the discounted pricing till 3 April 2022. Tickets can be purchased on The Theatre Practice’s site, and the pricing is as follows:

No. of TicketsTicket PriceEarly BirdMarketing Partners

For more information about Gallery of Secrets: The Lost Lily, head to the official site.

This article is brought to you together with The Theatre Practice.