If you are a fan of the SUPERHOT game, you would have definitely heard of the official launch of its sequel, MIND CONTROL DELETE. Released on 16 July 2020, the game was originally a short project which grew into a mind-blowing fully-fledged, standalone game thanks to the support of fans.

As for owners of the original SUPERHOT games, SUPERHOT will be giving away 2 million copies of MIND CONTROL DELETE to fans who have already purchased the original game on or before 16 July. This applies to games purchased on platforms such as Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Epic Games Store, Origin, or GOG. A free copy will also be made available to backers of the SUPERHOT Kickstarter.

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For Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Epic Games Store, GOG players, the game will be added automatically to your library after the launch. As for those who purchased from the Origin Store, you can send your receipt here for an activation key. For more information, fans can head over to the SUPERHOT FAQ site.

For those who did not own the original game, fret not, you can still purchase all the games over at Steam. There are special promotions and bundle sales now with up to 60% discount so do check out the site!

For those who don’t really know what SUPERHOT is all about, its an indie game developed by the Superhot Team during 7DFPS, a game jam whereby developers are challenged to develop an FPS game within the time limit of 7 days. The gameplay is a unique take on FPS, bringing your favourite slow-motion action movie scenes into reality. Players will have to constantly be on the move, dodging slow-motion bullets and fighting off endless waves of enemies with weapons lifted off fallen foes.

MIND CONTROL DELETE is a sequel to this exciting game and will feature a soundtrack from the talented producer, DJ and mixing engineer, Zardonic. The game will also retain the minimalist style graphics of the original game. You can purchase the game from their website too.

Unfortunately, there are no plans for a VR version of the MIND CONTROL DELETE game yet, but who know, if fans give enough love and support, one may go into the works soon.