Adorable Chibi Godzilla Animated Shorts Now Streaming On Official Godzilla Channel

The official Godzilla YouTube channel has begun streaming the first in a series of animated shorts featuring a chibi-fied Godzilla and his caretaker, an office worker named Satomi. 

The first episode, which is only 30 seconds long, is titled Tadaima! Chibi Gojira! (I’m home! Chibi Godzilla!) and has Godzilla helping Satomi light up the candles on her cake with his fiery breath, only to be devastated when she wishes to blow her candles out immediately after. 

According to Comic Natalie (via Animenewsnetwork), motion capture technology and 3D modeling were used to animate Chibi Godzilla, Chibi Ghidorah, and Chibi Mothra. Hiromatsu Sekira (Zombie Land Saga) voices Chibi Godzilla while Aizawa Mai (One Piece) is the voice behind Satomi.

Chibi Godzilla first made its debut in 2018 with Chiharu Sakazaki’s picture book Ganbare Chibi Gojira (Do Your Best, Chibi Godzilla) as part of the Chibi Godzilla project to celebrate the franchise’s 65th anniversary.

New Chibi Godzilla episodes will be uploaded every Wednesday at 5pm JST (4pm SGT).