First Look At LEGO’s New 76196 Marvel Advent 2021 Calendar Set

In a recent 2021 Japanese catalogue update, LEGO has finally revealed their new Marvel 76196 Super Heroes Advent 2021 Calendar set.

The new set includes several mini-builds and mini-figures of our favourite heroes such as Black Widow, Thor, Spider-Man, Thanos, and several different festive iterations of Iron Man, like one in a Christmas jumper!

While there are no official announcements, the Marvel Super Heroes Advent Calendar set should be releasing in September 2021 according to the reveal. Given that this is the very first Marvel Advent Calendar, this should be something that will catch the eye of both Avengers and brick enthusiasts.

Prior to this, LEGO also revealed Advent Calendar sets featuring various characters and elements from the Star Wars and Harry Potter series, among other well-known franchises. The addition of Marvel to the list is certainly no surprise, with both the comic and cinematic universe enjoying a great deal of popularity, especially as Disney+ continues in its revival and expansion of Marvel shows.

As for the collectors, the set preserves the annual tradition of collecting and displaying different seasonal sets. Typically, Advent Calendars take on various themes, and contain 24 mini models for each day, from the beginning of December to Christmas Eve.