One day we will all sign a real petition to ask Japanese RPG publishers to stop giving their games odd titles, but until then, Square Enix’s latest will be called Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. At least it’s a step up from Dissidia Duodecimal System.

FFBE (because it’s just so darn fun to type the full title in full repeatedly) is a Final Fantasy RPG for iOS and Android platforms that’s free to download and has optional micro-transactions. But before you close your browser in disgust, know that this isn’t like the abomination that is Final Fantasy All The Bravest. It fact, it’s not even like the nostalgia-pandering time twiddler that is Final Fantasy Record Keeper (FFRK), though there are shades of that inside.

You control a squad of five characters led by the protagonists Rain and Lasswell (gotta love those names), knights of Grandshelt who have to explore the world of Lapis to investigate and stop a possible world-damaging catastrophe. You get to explore dungeons top-down old-school FF-style. You also get to recruit Final Fantasy heroes like Terra and the Warrior of Light, all in grand & lush 2D pixel art.

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No, not like the ones in FFRK. We’re talking new stylized kinds of pixel artwork; a new-yet-seemingly-retro take on popular Final Fantasy characters. We did a bit of digging online on the Japanese version (out way back in October of last year), and we found a few characters we know in past FF games done in this form.

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Pretty, ain’t it? When it comes to pixel art, Square can do no wrong.

Combat is turn-based; you tap on one of your five heroes and they attack, cast spells, or even pull off limit breaks and summons accordingly. Its”streamlined battle mechanics and intuitive touch controls” is easy for people to pick up. If the pics and description remind you of this one popular mobile RPG called Brave Frontier, that’s because the English version of FFBE is made by the same folks who developed & operated that game: gumi Inc. and Alim.

The gumi Asia office is in charge of the global version, so it’s safe to say that it’s the first game studio in Southeast Asia to develop and run a Final Fantasy title. That’s quite a huge milestone and honour indeed, considering how rare it is for a Southeast Asian game company, let alone a Singaporean one, to be given the HUGE responsibility to manage a title under the revered JRPG brand.

Square Enix & gumi has yet to announce a release date, but a pre-registration is going on at the official site: the more sign-ups the site gets, the more free stuff players will get when the game launches. Do check it out!

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