FIFA 22 Preview: Revolutionising How You Play FIFA Ultimate Team

Rejoice, for the new season of football is but days away. And with that, fans of the Beautiful Game will be gearing up virtually soon as well. With HyperMotion technology as the foundation, we have already seen how Pro Clubs and Career mode will change in EA‘s FIFA 22, and now is the turn for FIFA Ultimate Team to take the spotlight.

The big moneymaker for EA is definitely getting even more attention this time around, and Producer Azlan Mustapha gave us a preview of what to expect in the coming year.

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With the popularity of the mode, there is going to be plenty of fan feedback when it comes to every change that is made to FIFA Ultimate Team/FUT. Having seen what the community wants, the team at EA has overhauled some key parts of the experience.

Giving Division Rivals a Facelift

Division Rivals will be undergoing a complete redesign with the player experience being a top priority. In FIFA 22 FUT, you no longer have to worry about playing 30 matches every week just to rank up, instead, it will become a seasonal competition with a new and less demanding progression system. It will also aim to segment players at the right skill levels, all the while adding some much-needed freshness to the competition.

From the off, things are going to be transparent when it comes to promotion. Objectives are clearly defined, and there will also be checkpoints to stop players from losing too much progress if they fail to achieve the goals.

Rewards will be doled out each week, and should you do really well, you can even get a reward upgrade to further boost your chances. Now, you can truly see your efforts paying off each week, as well as at the end of each season.

For the top players, they will be getting the treatment they deserve in the new Elite division, which comes with its own progression system in place. This new division above Division 1 is reserved for the best of the best, where ranks or promotion and demotion are no longer applicable.

Skill-rating matchmaking will be the new normal here, as the best players around the world compete and see who comes out on top, and of course, qualification for the FIFA Global Series. As with past games, the better you perform in the current season, the higher you will be ranked come the next season.

Play When You Want in FUT Champions

As for FUT Champions in FIFA 22, big changes are coming too. Accessibility is once more a priority, with the mode transforming into a multi-stage competition that requires fewer matches to enjoy.

By earning enough qualification points during the playoffs, which you can access at any given time, and you just might make it to the FUT Champions finals. The gates of entry and the difficulty are significantly lowered for FIFA 22, and more players will be able to give it a go.

Make it to the finals, and this will be similar to the weekend league format of old with a new points system, which unlocks better rewards with more points you accrue. Even so, you will have the choice of when you want to play, with the added flexibility a blessing for most players.

FUT Heroes and Social Gaming

Another headlining feature for the mode this year is the addition of FUT Heroes to FIFA 22. Designed to celebrate some of football’s most loved players in their defining moments, these special players will provide unique league-specific chemistry, allowing you to relive iconic memories through these individuals.

Legends and cult heroes alike will be arriving in FUT, and rest assured, they are going to be significant in the meta moving ahead.

To give players more freedom to enjoy FUT without the need to always have friends online, FIFA 22 will allow for public co-op play through matchmaking and custom squads made for the mode. Need some help completing seasonal objectives? This is where you need to be.

Customisation is the Name of the Game

For those of you looking to keep that personal flair intact in FUT, FIFA 22 will give you that option with new ways to show your style through your stadium.

If you thought that the search functionality of previous FUTs was in shambles, then you will be glad to know that the team has improved its functionality tremendously. New filters will unearth the authentic content you want, with colours being a useful addition. The new VIP area lets creators go one step further in showing their craft, and the large tifos will truly show who’s the king of the pitch is.

Be it a garish tribute to your favourite teams or a remarkable creation of your own, the keys are in your hand. If that is not enough, FIFA 22 FUT will be sharing themed seasonal content with Volta as well, so expect new kits, tifos, and more releasing throughout the year.

Despite the undeniable success of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, it is clear that the developers of FIFA 22 are not content with just resting on their laurels. How the community will receive these changes is still up in the air, but the increased accessibility tweaks will undoubtedly open the gates to more joining in the party.

With just two months to go, FIFA 22 is certainly bringing in the big guns. As for our final thoughts of the game, be sure to check out our review before the game launches on 1 October.