Geek Preview: The Fires Of Revolution Power The Tale of Arise Narrative

For a long-running franchise that has seen ups and downs over the years, Bandai Namco is certainly trying its best to help Tales of Arise stand tall on its own. After all, it has been five years since we got a new entry in the series, and judging from our earlier gameplay preview, it is most certainly performing to expectations. However, setting the stage right from the start allows for the narrative to be a main driving force, and our latest hands-on preview for JRPG Tales of Arise leaves us feeling good about where things are headed.

Do note that there will be some story spoilers ahead, so if you are looking to enjoy Tales of Arise fresh, it might not be the best idea to read on about our preview.

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A Preview of the Narrative in Tales of Arise

Geek Preview: Tales of Arise

Focusing on the beginnings of the game itself, we are introduced to the wider conflict that engulfs this particular universe. As the planet Rena floats high above the skies, the people of Dahna are certainly not on the same playing field. Powered by technology and magic, it did not take long for the power dynamics to form, with the people of Dahna becoming slaves under the rule of Rena and the various Lords that dominate with iron fists.

It is not just physical labour, but also in terms of their life force. Dahna people are embedded with special stones, which siphon their essences into objects known as a Master Core. Each Lord apparently possesses one, which allows them to tap into magical forces and make them forces to be reckoned with.

It is a theft of one Master Core that led to the coming together of our two protagonists, Shionne of Rena and Alphen of Dahna. The latter is introduced as the man in an unopenable iron mask, toiling away as a slave, before stumbling onto the resistance efforts and saving Shionne in the process. Thus begin their journey towards saving the people in Tales of Arise.

Geek Preview: Tales of Arise - Shionne and Alphen

An Unlikely Pair

The dynamic between the pair gives us a pretty good idea of how things are in Tales of Arise. Shionne is notably standoffish, given her status as a native of Rena. She also possesses the ability to shock anyone who touches her with electricity, which some feel is a powerful blessing, but she views as a curse.

On the other hand, Alphen is a man without much memory of his past, trapped in an iron mask, but always willing to help out others in need. The fact that he does not feel any pain certainly helps in conflict, which allows him and Shionne to bond over the course of the Tales of Arise preview.

Needless to say, there are plenty of mysteries awaiting players to pick apart, and how Alphen, Shionne, and everything else fits into Tales of Arise remains an intriguing roleplaying prospect to enjoy.

Building Relationships

During our preview of Tales of Arise, we also had the chance to witness some of the new features that were just introduced recently. Gameplay transitioned into excellently animated cut-scenes and event movies, while the happenings around the world provided plenty of opportunities for both Alphen and Shionne to interact and converse.

With more party members set to join up during the course of the game, we can comfortably say that players will learn a lot more about everyone during their adventures.

It is not just during the navigation around the different regions found in the game, but also during the downtimes, such as resting at camps. Not only are you recovering for the trials ahead, but you can also reminisce about past skits and conversations.

Geek Preview: Tales of Arise - Taking on Lord Balpheth

Then there is the cooking part of things, with ingredients gathered around the world put to good use making meals for your party. These meals will provide useful buffs as well, with recipes available throughout the world by completing quests.

With Tales of Arise being just one month away from release on 9 September, both its gameplay and story elements are shaping up nicely. The JPRG spirit burns strong, and the modern visuals will do a world of good before the players’ eyes.

It remains to be seen just how much deeper the full experience will go, but for what it is worth, our preview for Tales of Arise has given us plenty of confidence things will turn out great next month.