FIFA 22 Preview: Player Power Reigns In New Pro Clubs Features

With football season gearing up in just a few short weeks, chances are, players are also itching to get their videogame football fix as well. EA‘s FIFA 22 is being headlined by the new HyperMotion technological innovations, but that is not all you can expect. Big changes are coming to many of the modes in the game as well, and it is the Pro Clubs mode’s turn to be spotlighted for this FIFA 22 preview.

Group Up With Ease

Producer Delaney Leatherdale was on hand to uncover the brand new changes that are coming to Pro Clubs in FIFA 22. There is going to be increased focus on community and accessibility this year, starting with the new drop-in experience.

The new drop-in lobby will allow players to team up with up to four friends or recent teammates easily. Communication via voice chat is available in the lobby, with the ability to make tweaks to playstyles, positions and controller settings included as well. For hosts, you have the additional capacity to adjust the options for teammate filling and gameplay VOIP, so players have more control when it comes to confronting toxicity online.

Player power in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs

Mould Your Pro Clubs Star in FIFA 22

Perhaps more importantly, there is going to be persistent player growth in the Pro Clubs mode in FIFA 22. Whether you are playing in the league, a drop-in match, or even friendlies, you are earning valuable experience in the path to glory.

Depending on how you perform during the game and your final rating, the amount of experience gain will differ. The higher you climb the ladder, the more perks you will unlock to make your pro even more deadly on the field. This ties into the five playstyles you can create for your pro, which consists of your attributes, archetypes, and the aforementioned perks.

Putting skill points into specific areas like defending or dribbling will unlock archetypes, which bring massive stat boosts and shape your player in your identity. Perks are more situation-based bonuses, allowing players to capitalise on the right opportunities to widen the gap or turn a game around.

An example of that is the Assist Streak perk, which boosts your passing attributes for 15 minutes after you assist a goal, while granting the Swerve Pass trait. Having the right archetypes and perks can result in a worldbeater at your fingertips.

EA is also implementing an important feature to Pro Clubs, allowing you to create female virtual pros to take to the pitch in mixed matches for the first time ever. You can either take control, or have female AI teammates to fill out other spots in the team.

Understanding The Game

For those who are into the details, FIFA 22 also break down the information on all actions performed to help you optimise for the next match.

This is in line with the newly revamped player performance section, with all relevant statistics at your disposal. Each player even gets their own individual heatmap, reproducing the high levels of analytics available at the highest levels.

From a team perspective, Pro Clubs have more options for FIFA 22 as well. Taking feedback from the community, the team have added additional kits, colours, and crest designs to the editor. The customisability of stadiums has also been expanded with new pitch patterns, colours, nicknames, and even tifos. All in all, you will be able to differentiate your team from others more reliably.

Pro Clubs will definitely be different in FIFA 22, and for players who spend more time in this particular mode, EA is hoping that your experience will be all for the better. Our preview of FIFA 22 will continue with closer looks at Career Mode and FIFA Ultimate Team in the coming week, so stick around and keep your eyes peeled!