At S$10.90, Fatburger’s New Impossible Burger Is The Cheapest In Singapore

American burger chain Fatburger is back, though not with a new hotdog. Instead, Fatburger is back with the launch of the first ever customisable Impossible Burger.

It’s also the cheapest Impossible Burger in the market right now, as Fatburger’s Impossible Burger is also impossibly wallet-friendly at only S$10.90 for the single option.

Impossible Burger opened their first shop in Singapore in March 2019, and has since moved on to team up with other food outlets in Singapore such as Omakase Burger, and this time with the casual fast-food chain Fatburger. In case you’re wondering, Omakase’s version is S$19.90, while the one at Potato Head is S$25.

Impossible Burger uses a plant-based meat substitute that’s more than just vegetarian. They are able to replicate the look, taste, and feel of actual meat so well that they have even meat-lovers scratching their heads in wonder. To top it off, Impossible’s plant-based patties also come with no gluten, animal hormones, and antibiotics, plus it is also halal-certified. So everyone can eat it guilt-free.

Diners at Fatburger looking to purchase the Impossible Burger will be able to choose their own toppings such as pickles, tomatoes, lettuce. All of which will be sandwiched between toasted brioche buns, and of course the star of the show, the mouth-watering Impossible Burger patties.

Like their other burgers on the menu, the Fatburger Impossible Burger is also available in double, triple and quad patty options, though we’re wondering who would be able to eat four meatless patties in one meal.

To put that in context, Burger King is selling the Impossible Whopper in the US at US$5.19. With taxes and after conversion, that’s about S$8 for the Whopper. Given the premium ingredients and pricing for Fatburger, S$10.90 for an Impossible Burger is a steal.

Those who wish to try out the Impossible Burgers at Fatburger can do so at their two outlets in KINEX Mall and Velocity @ Novena Square.