Omakase Burger Rides The Impossible Meat Wave In Singapore

Earlier this year, California-based food research company Impossible Foods began their conquest of Singapore’s food landscape with their trademark Impossible Burger 2.0, covering eight of the finest restaurants and diners across the Little Red Dot. So far, we were mightily impressed by the plant-based meat alternative.

This time, Impossible has struck again, teaming up with the folks at Omakase Burger, another famous burger joint on the island. Omakase has long been famous for that umami (savoury at the highest level) taste in their beef patties, and for good reason.

The Omakase X Impossible Burger

Are they, then, able to replicate that same taste with a non-meat patty such as that of Impossible’s? Impossible, you may say. Well, we took the plunge on your behalf, and dare we say Yes to that! No cholestrol-filled thrills, just tastebud-tingling thrills here.

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The new Impossible entries that have made their way to Omakase’s menu are the Omakase X Impossible Burger (S$24.40, inclusive of set meal) and the Omakase X Impossible Truffle Burger (S$24.90, inclusive of set meal)

The Omakase X Impossible Burger.

The former is the classic Omakase Cheeseburger, but outfitted with the new Impossible Patty. If you were to do a blind test, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this patty is a soy-based one. While the patty is certainly the star of the show here, it’s definitely aided by the tang of the melted cheese and the juices that flowed from the tomato and lettuce.

And the signature Omakase buns, fluffy and firm as they are, stayed intact throughout, despite absorbing all the juicy goodness from the patty.

The truffle variant is an excellent variation, featuring the titular truffle cream sauce, which makes it a lot more savoury than it already is.

The Omakase X Impossible Truffle Burger.

And that’s a good thing in this case – the truffle isn’t too overwhelming, unlike most other truffle formulae. Instead, it dovetails beautifully with the signature umami Omakase taste from the Impossible Patty.

But wait! The Omakase team also has other amazing Impossible entries for you to consider.

There’s the Omakase X Impossible Chilli Cheese Fries (S$6.90 Regular / S$7.90 Large)which are an amazing way to give yourself a food baby alongside the burgers, as well as the Omakase X Impossible Salad (S$14.45 Regular /S$15.45 Large) if you’re feeling guilty about eating too much “meat”.

“The ‘X’ in the name ‘Omakase X Impossible Burger’ implies multiplication through combination and that is happening,” enthuses Cheng Hsin Yao, founder of Omakase Burger.

Omakase Burger’s founder, Cheng Hsin Yao.

“We are taking a really good product in Impossible Foods’ patty as our base ingredient, and bringing in the Omakase Burger touch… this combination of the two brands will result in a – dare I say – perfect burger.”

And, indeed, Cheng could not have said it burger. He and his team have found a way to make their signature burgers enjoyable in a refreshing, meat-free way to consumers.

All the entries listed above are available at the Omakase Burger outlet at Picnic, Wisma Atria, Singapore.

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