Fall Guys Mobile Game In The Works For China (For Now)

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has only just been released on the PC and PS4 and already it is becoming one of the most popular games on the platforms, with players able to take part in adorable wacky battle royale style levels as little jellybean-like characters. 

It is not difficult to see how the game became so well-liked despite only being available on the two aforementioned platforms, and it is easy to see how it can become even more popular once it’s available on more platforms, and thankfully, it seems like it will be happening.

Chinese publisher Bilibili has announced that they’ve secured the rights to release the game on mobile, but only in China

The news was announced by analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Funnily enough, this announcement came not long after the developers of the game, Mediatonic, released a warning on scams related to mobile versions of the game. It wrote, “If you see any ads for a mobile version they are scams.”

Though Fall Guys will currently only be released in China, we imagine it won’t be long before the game is released in other regions around the world. There’s no word yet on when the mobile version of Fall Guys will be available in China.