Fall Guys Ushers In Team Fortress Crossover, Free Cactus-Themed Skin For More Party Goodness

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout took the gaming community by storm upon release, capturing the hearts of many with its adorable characters and lively, exciting gameplay. The game received so much love that its servers succumbed to pressure through launch week, but it has since bounced back to roll out even more content for players.

The first big update is a Team Fortress 2 collaboration, which puts the fun-sized beans in Scout’s outfit from head to toe. Featuring the all-too-iconic red shirt and black hat, this new skin will be available for purchase through Steam from 14 August 2020 (GMT+8).

Next on the list is a special reward given to anyone who enters the game before midnight on 14 August. In a show of gratitude to players for weathering the storm, developer Mediatonic will have 5,000 kudos (the in-game currency) and an absolutely delightful cactus-themed skin up for grabs at zero cost.

The cosmetic, named Legendary Prickles, is an alternative spin on a different costume created by the winner of a contest held back in February. Following this, a fresh fan-developed skin will join the game on a monthly basis, allowing for more design variety.

It seems the battle royale party hit is set to bask in the limelight for a little longer, especially with an early-August patch enhancing the overall gameplay experience. In addition to a handful of game fixes, a ban wave was also introduced to discourage and punish cheaters for ruining the fun through hacks. Considering its current popularity, more collaborations are likely to surface over the next few months, and you know what this means: continued fun and insanity on Fall Guys.