IKEA Taiwan Goes Geeky With Its Animal Crossing-Inspired 2021 Catalogue

It’s pretty much a given that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is massive virtually everywhere in the world today. Aside from giving players the opportunity to dress up as their favourite pop culture characters, the farming sim game has gone beyond that trope and has even become a platform for online talk shows, weddings, restaurants, tourist attractions, and even an avenue for the police to help fellow citizens out.

IKEA Taiwan is the latest to catch the Animal Crossing bug, which can be seen in its upcoming 2021 catalogue, featuring official in-game screenshots.

There are actually two versions of the catalogue, one being a normal IKEA catalogue, and another being an Animal Crossing one made to imitate the original catalogue as part of a tongue-in-cheek effort (but effective nonetheless) to draw more customers in to buy more IKEA furniture. This includes not just the avatars, but also the spaces used and even furniture and clothing put up on display.

Of course, this is only possible within the technical limitations of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but it’s nonetheless a really impressive feat. Whoever was the marketing strategist for this must be given a promotion or at least a raise, because this is frankly quite ingenious.

And we think Tom Nook may have been involved in the making of this catalogue somehow.

IKEA’s dabbling into the geek space goes beyond just Animal Crossing — it has recently stepped up its LEGO game with the upcoming BYGGLEK collaboration.