Epic Games Store Holiday Sale Will Be Giving Out Daily FREE Games For Two Weeks

On the first day of Christmas, gamers won’t be getting a partridge in a pear tree, but one free game instead. On the second day of Christmas, they won’t be getting two turtle doves, either – rather, they’ll receive another free game. On the third day of Christmas…yeah, you get the idea.

Starting 17 December 2020, the Epic Games Store will be giving away freebies every day until the end of the month as part of its Holiday Sale, which adds up to 15 free games in total. This is on top of the discount – up to 75% – given to select titles.

There’s a catch to this freebie fest, however. Each game can only be claimed within 24 hours, so that’s a change in plan if you’re looking to accumulate. Can’t complain when everything comes free of charge, after all.

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