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Dr. Mario World Releases A Day Early On iOS

The Doctor is in the house. And who better to cure your ailments than Mario himself? Dr. Mario World, is now up on iOS — a day ahead of its July 10 release. And as with all of Nintendo’s other mobile entries, this game will retail for the low, low cost of free (not including in-game purchases, of course).

The reboot of the 1990 NES and Game Boy title has now finally made its way to mobile devices, and for good measure. The Tetris-esque gameplay makes it a really good fit for the iOS platform.

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But of course, there’s way more to Dr. Mario World than just it being a new entry in the puzzle game genre and bearing the Super Mario namesake. As we’ve learnt before, you as the titular Dr. Mario will be able to call upon assistants to help clear viruses on the field.


These assistants are, of course, an assortment of iconic and familiar faces from the Super Mario universe that will be playable as well. From Dr. Yoshi to Dr. Bowser and even Dr. Peach and Dr. Toad, there will be many reasons to try them all as their diverse skills allow for various ways to mix up the way you clear viruses.

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Multiplayer is also available, and comes in the form of both co-op and competitive. Regardless of how you want to play Dr. Mario World, expect this to occupy you for your next few weeks of commuting, or even at home.

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