Double Whammy For Activision Blizzard As It Loses Second Executive In Same Week

Activision Blizzard‘s poor run of form last year bleeds into the first week of 2019 after losing Blizzard CFO Amrita Ahuja, who has left to join forces with Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey, under their mobile payment company Square.

Ex-Blizzard CFO Amrita Ahuja

Barely a week ago, they had terminated Activision Blizzard CFO Spencer Neumann‘s contract. In a similar light to Ahuja’s situation, Neumann has since then gone on to join Netflix.

Ex-Activision Blizzard Spencer Neumann

This piles more pressure on the folks at Blizzard, who had just endured a generally forgettable 2018, following the poorly-received announcements of the Diablo Immortal mobile game at BlizzCon 2018, and the scaling down of their involvement with the MOBA title Heroes of the Storm in the eSports scene not long after.

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On a more positive note, though, it’s only the first week of 2019. Other potentially good forces are currently in motion. For one, Blizzard employees are hard at work on the next main Diablo title.

Activision Blizzard has plenty of time to recover the blows it received before the inevitable BlizzCon 2019, where their new titles and projects will be announced.

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