Detroit: Become Human’s Quantic Dream Teases New Content

2018 has been a pretty solid year for game developer Quantic Dream, considering the immense success — both critical and commercial — of their futuristic, semi-dystopian title, Detroit Become Human.

Like all studios with massive followings, they’ve come under the scrutiny of fan communities and evidently, they’re not without skeletons in their closet. After all, the court’s ruled in favour of an ex-employee accusing them of cultivating racism and sexism in the workplace, in mid-2018. But it’s a new year and hopefully, there is nothing but good news on the horizon.

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At the very least, the studio seems pretty ready to spread some positivity on their social media accounts. They’ve taken to Twitter to thank their fans, and wish their fans well as we all bid 2018 farewell. Their year-end greetings also include a rather cryptic promise to ‘be back soon with great news’.

We’re not sure what that means, maybe a new game in the works, or a DLC for Detroit Become Human? Whatever the case, it probably means we’ll be keeping our eye on Quantic Dream for the year ahead.

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