Daniel Brühl Teases Baron Zemo’s Classic Getup In Disney+’s The Falcon & The Winter Soldier

The furore following the jam-packed Marvel Studios panel at Hall H at SDCC 2019 is still fresh in our eager minds. One of the heavily-anticipated titles that came out of that panel was The Falcon & The Winter Soldier on the upcoming Disney+ streaming platform.

Naturally, we’re drawn to following the bromance between the titular Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) as they embark on a journey that will culminate in Wilson’s transition to take up the vibranium shield as the new Captain America.

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But what will The Falcon & The Winter Soldier be without a villain to match Marvel Studios’ dynamic duo? Of course, since they’re looking to take up Cap’s duties, they’ll be fighting against the forces of Sokovia once more, which will be led by none other than Baron Zemo.

Daniel Brühl will reprise his role as Baron Helmut Zemo in the upcoming The Falcon & The Winter Soldier TV series on Disney+.

This dastardly dude played by Daniel Brühl was introduced back in Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, many were disgruntled at the fact that Helmut Zemo didn’t really look like the comic book character many were hoping to be, unlike the likes of Red Skull or the titular Ultron. No fur-lined jacket, let alone the iconic purple mask that he is typically associated with.

It seems that will be rectified in the upcoming TV series, as teased by Brühl himself on social media, in lieu of SDCC 2019.

The second image reveals Brühl sporting what looks to be a balaclava or mask. It’s not really clear as the image is blurred out, but we can clearly see that something’s covering his face.

Of course, many should take this with a light grain of salt, as these are pre-production photos. The Falcon & The Winter Soldier won’t begin principal shooting yet until October, so this may still be a work in progress. But Marvel Studios has a penchant for delivering big regardless of the medium, so it wouldn’t harm anyone to expect a version of the classic Baron Zemo to appear on the show.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier will be the first Disney+ TV series as part of Marvel’s Phase 4, and is slated to release on Fall 2020.