Cosplaying Cat In Japan Has Over 100 Costumes, Including Super Mario And Mickey Mouse

Cosplay as a hobby has steadily gotten more popular over the years, with numerous anime conventions popping up in countries around the world. It seems that now, cosplay isn’t just for humans anymore, with animals also known to dress up in costumes to cosplay.

One such being Chocola, a 13-year-old feline from Japan who owns over 100 cosplay costumes, all hand-sewn by her owner. This is more costumes than what most cosplayers have in their collection.

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Chocola, who goes by the cosplay name of “Coschoco” has exactly 114 costumes, including a number from the popular manga series One Piece, as well as costumes from Studio Ghibli movies, and even everyone’s favourite Italian plumber, Super Mario.

Here are some photos of Chochola cosplaying in her various costumes,

According to Chocola’s owner, each photo takes around 10 minutes to take and she reiterates that Chocola is never forced to cosplay. In fact, Chocola is the one in charge. She’ll simply run off to play if she isn’t in the mood to have her photo taken. 

If you wish to see more of Chocola’s cosplays and other shenanigans, you can follow her on her Twitter and YouTube. Or if you wish to start cosplaying yourself, then you can always check out our handy cosplay guides.