Console Yourself With Bauhutte’s Warm & Snug Gaming Kotatsu Futon Blanket

Japanese gaming furniture brand Bauhutte has the solution to keep gamers warm and snug – a Gaming Kotatsu Futon Blanket.

A Kotatsu, for the uninitiated, is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon or a heavy blanket upon which a tabletop sits. An electric heater is then attached to the underside of the tabletop. The futon traps the heat so when a person sits under the Kotatsu, the lower half of their body remains warm. It is a popular product used in Japan whenever Winter rolls around.

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Bauhutte has made their version to suit the needs of a gamer so they can not only keep warm throughout their entire body but have the space to move their limbs and reach for the mice or keyboard too.

For starters, the Gaming Kotatsu Futon Blanket has armholes that users can slip their hands into and cover themselves up all the way to the shoulders. This means users can keep their upper body warm and still be free to move their hands when gaming.

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Bauhutte has also added fasteners on the back to prevent the blanket from slipping off shoulders and arms. That’s additional coverage for the back too, keeping gamers warm all around!

Measuring 230cm x 250cm, Bauhutte’s gaming Kotatsu is also said to be one and a half times longer than a normal Kotatsu blanket. This means users can lean back and forth without worry of snagging the blanket.


A grippy, non-slip material is also placed in the centre where the tabletop sits. This ensures that when gamers get too excited and have big physical reactions to the game, they don’t have to worry about any of their hardware slipping off the table.

The product has not been listed on Bauhutte’s official website yet, but it can be purchased on Amazon Japan for 12,800 Yen (approximately S$117). The gaming Kotatsu is just one of Bauhutte’s interesting products for gamers. Others from the brand include a gaming hand massager, a gaming bed and a gaming onesie with ‘toilet mode’.