“Choose Your Own Adventure” Films Are Coming To A Cinema Near You!

They say that entertainment and fashion are similar. Both ebb and flow, just like the waves of the ocean. Given the rush of nostalgia and how profitable it can be, it comes as no surprise that 20th Century Fox has laid claims to Kino Industries’ ‘CtrlMovie’ technology for the studio’s upcoming Choose Your Own Adventure film.

In case you might be too young to know or remember, the entire premise is based on the iconic 1980s book series which reportedly sold over 265 million copies worldwide.

The tech will allow in-theatre audiences to control the characters’ actions throughout the film using a proprietary app developed and created by Kino. This would be the first film in a potential multi-flick partnership using this technology.

The result would be the same film having a different plot, ending and even running time depending on the audience’s combined choices. The claim is that this will all happen seamlessly, with no apparent break in the onscreen action.

Such concepts are certainly not new in the modern era, we’ve seen it in with Twitch Plays Pokemon where the entire chat mashes in their inputs to hilarious outcomes. On the flip side, this form of storytelling has taken on a more sophisticated avenue with HBO’s Mosiac as well but with less success. Netflix has also released their own attempt at the genre with Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale as well.

Given all problems that we’re facing in the present can be blamed solely on democracy, we’re imagining that it would take a tremendous amount of coordinated effort to ensure that patrons get to experience a different narrative with each “playthrough”. Honestly, we’re not counting on it.

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