Cheapest Xbox One Bundle for Singapore now matches US pricing, at S$349

Microsoft has chosen to throw down the gauntlet. The current gen Xbox One console is now at the lowest price point ever, and we’re not even close to Christmas yet!

If you’re looking to get on board and play the latest console games, there never has been a better juncture. Battlefield 1, released a mere week ago, is now bundled with a 500GB Xbox One for only S$349. And unlike other console manufacturers who have a bad history of bundling shovelware with a console, you’re getting nothing but pure quality with the other bundles Microsoft has on offer with their Xbox consoles and with many options too.

If you’re the patient gamer who doesn’t feel the need to play the latest and greatest but prefer to work through the Xbox One’s back catalogue, you might be interested in the Halo Collection Bundle. Because apart from Gears of War, the next biggest draw on the Xbox has to be the Halo series if you’ve been on the gaming radar for the past ten years. For S$349, you’d be getting a 500GB console with Halo 5 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection which is a great launchpad to help you get up to speed to the series.

If 500GB is not enough for you, 1TB console variants are available as well and would be the bigger value buy if you’re looking for more storage. The prices for these bundles top off at S$399 which translates into savings of S$170.

With so many prices and configs, here is a collated list of the best bundles that you should be considering:

  • Xbox One 500GB + Battlefield 1 = S$349
  • Xbox One 500GB + Gears of War 4 = S$349
  • Xbox One 500GB + FIFA 17 = S$349
  • Xbox One 1TB + Halo 5Halo: The Master Chief Collection = S$399


Prices on these bundles are on a limited time offer only and are available for purchase online via Microsoft’s Web Store or Best Denki, Courts, Challenger, Harvey Norman, PLAYe, Toy or Game (TOG).

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