Certified Geek: Singapore’s Superhero Superfan Shows Off His Massive Action Figure Collection

If you’ve collected action figures in your lifetime, but had to shelve them or sell them away because life has moved on, but you still want to relive those childhood moments, then perhaps you need to meet Neil Munas

The 45-year old Singaporean has been collecting superhero action figures, statues and busts for over 30 years, and has managed to display his collection in spectacular fashion in what he fondly calls his “superhero man-cave”.

His collection comprises mainly of DC and Marvel 6-inch scale figures, and collects mainly from Hasbro, Marvel Select, DC Direct, Mattel. For statues, his go-to is Bowen Designs. His choices are such because not only because of how detailed they are, but also due to how well they can stand the test of time due to the materials used.

Collecting every single figure is no doubt a daunting task, but if you’ve the nose and determination (and of course some cash in your pocket) like Neil has, then it’s not impossible to do so. But of course, even he, who has collected almost every wave of figures released, has missed out on some ultra-rare ones, mainly due to geographical reasons. It only serves to motivate him to collect more.

Though it’s only a rough estimate, Neil’s collection is worth at least US$150,000. Money well-spent in our books.

And like many collectors, Neil has taken the painstaking time and effort to display as many of his figures and statues as possible. When all the space on the various shelves and cabinets has been depleted, he even took to building several catwalks that are suspended from the ceiling to get even more of his action figures out. 

And the best part? He almost never uses Blu-Tack to secure his figures, and just places them ever so carefully. Of course, that would mean one single bump would cause that part of the collection to drop, but Neil takes those moments as simply an opportunity to rearrange the poses of his figures.

Now that’s dedication.

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