Celebrate Your Year Of Gaming With The PlayStation 2020 Wrap-Up & Redeem A Free Dynamic Theme

With the heaps of PS4 game releases in, leading up to the PlayStation 5 launch in November, there was plenty of gaming to celebrate in 2020.

And to commemorate your PlayStation gaming journey in 2020, Sony has whipped up a PlayStation 2020 Wrap-Up report generator so PS4 gamers can find out and share details of trophies earned, top played games, play hours, and more. If you are a PS4 player and also played on PS5 in 2020, you should be able to see a few general stats from your PS5 experience as well.

Better act fast, the wrap-up will only run from now till 2 March 2021.

Remember to scroll to the bottom of your wrap-up report to redeem your FREE PS4 dynamic theme featuring PlayStation Shapes.