Sony Pauses PSVR2 Production To Clear Unsold Backlog

The PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) headsets would have been “the next innovation from PlayStation that will [shape] the future of games,” said former PlayStation president Shuhei Yoshida back in 2014. Since the second iteration of the headset designed for PS5 compatibility debuted in 2023, it has seen a sharp decline in sales, leaving the company with a backlog of unsold PSVR2 headsets worrying enough to pause production.


With its steep retail price of S$869, it’s easy to see why consumers might be hesitant to make such an investment. The headset is only compatible with games that support VR functionality, including Resident Evil and Horizon Call of the Mountain, but wooing gamers to its new headset is proving a challenge. Disappointing pre-order figures for the PSVR2 predicted its current predicament, but Sony pressed on with its ambitious goal with over 2 million units produced.

Sony is currently testing PC compatibility to expand the PSVR2’s reach, but whether it can recoup its losses with the headset remains to be seen.