Carry Around Adorable Ghibli Characters On Your Shoulder With These Reusable Shopping Bags

Ask any Studio Ghibli fan and they will tell you that you can never have enough Ghibli merchandise. 

Be it traditional folding fans or daruma dolls, there will always be more Ghibli merchandise for you to collect and this time, it’s a collection of adorable plushies that can turn into eco-friendly reusable tote bags

The two plushies that will be featured include the fox squirrel from Laputa: Castle In The Sky, which opens up into a black tote bag featuring the robot soldiers in the film. As well as Baby Boh and Yubaba’s bird from Spirited Away, whose plushie opens up into a gorgeous lavender tote bag with more patterns of the pair adorning the bag. 

What’s more, not only can the plushies turn into eco-friendly tote bags, they can also sit on your shoulder as you carry your groceries or other items in the tote bag. Functional and cute, just the way we like it. 

Both of these plushies-cum-reusable-tote-bags are now available on the Donguri Kyowakoku store where they retail for 2,800 yen (S$36.20).

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