Brie Larson Is The Latest Promotional Face Of Nintendo’s New Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been charming gamers right, left, and centre for the past few days, and it seems even celebrities aren’t immune to its appeal – or so a promotional post suggests.

Following the recent launch of the long-awaited Nintendo game, Captain Marvel star Brie Larson has taken to Instagram to share her excitement, and prod her fans to pick it up. The photo, which shows her in an Animal Crossing shirt, and holding on to that sweet-looking, special Animal Crossing Switch console, seems to hint at a partnership of sorts, although it’s not known how far that will extend to.

Nintendo head honcho Doug Bowser’s tweet also makes a lot more sense in light of the revelation: apart from the @brielarson tag, the post shows off the same three Animal Crossing items as well.

The celebrity endorsement effort is a little unexpected, but shouldn’t prove to be too much of a surprise. The actress has, after all, expressed her keen enthusiasm over the release of Luigi Mansion 3 back in October 2019, alongside the wish to play beloved Metroid champion Samus Aran if the opportunity for a live-action adaptation arises. For now, catching fish and bugs on an island will have to do.