Blast Germs Away With Spider-Man Hand Sanitiser Web Shooters

Amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, even supes have to mask up against the virus. But now, you blast those nasty germs away yourself. Superhero tech maker Jake Laser swings in to save the day with his latest DIY invention, Spider-Man Hand Sanitiser Web Shooters.

These hand sanitiser shooters are an upgraded version of his previously famed Spider-Man Homecoming Web Shooters. Interchangeable web cartridges also mean that you can adapt the shooter into flamethrowers too. (We highly recommend not to try this out at home though!)

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Laser has also generously provided the Web Shooter 3D Model online for science geeks who wish to challenge themselves with a new DIY project. And why not complete the look with a pair of fully functional E.D.I.T.H Smart Glasses.

And if you’re up for more swinging action, he even has a tutorial for web shooters you can swing from. Be warned though, you might be in for some hard landings if you don’t set out a safety web to catch you if you fall.

Moreover, we can’t talk about cool inventions without mentioning the OG inventor, Tony Stark. Laser has even created working Iron Man Watch Glove Repulsors. The coolest part is that the gloves are retractable so you can wear it out as a chic watch when there’s no threat in sight.

So get your Spidey-senses tingling and start tinkering with these super DIY projects. As for those who prefer a readymade weapon to wield, Laser has an online shop you can purchase these cool blasters from.

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