DC Superheroes Don Face Masks In New Arrowverse Posters

Suit up and don’t forget to cover your mouth as Superheroes are now taking a leaf out of Spidey’s books and donning on facemasks. In a new series of posters from CW’s DC Arrowverse, even the Supes are wearing masks in a new PSA meant to encourage viewers to follow safety guidelines.

Even Superheroes aren’t immune to the coronavirus as filming for the many CW’s DC shows were forced to wrap early as the pandemic hit Hollywood. Supergirl, Batwoman and The Flash were forced to stop filming in March while Superman & Lois were given straight-to-series orders without the usual chance of shooting a pilot beforehand.

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Luckily, Black LightningStargirl and Legends of Tomorrow were unaffected as they had already wrapped filming before the coronavirus hit Hollywood. However, this also means that the entire line-up for the Arrowverse will be pushed to 2021 in order for the studios to implement appropriate safety measures for the cast and crew when filming resumes.

Frankly, it is an ingenious move to both promote the new dates for the lineup and also do their part for spreading public awareness on the seriousness of the ongoing pandemic. Plus in case the message they were trying to put across wasn’t clear enough, all the posters also feature the tagline, “Real Heroes Wear Masks”.

The posters also welcome Black Lightning and Stargirl into the Arrowverse. Moreover, the studios have also cleverly featured the unofficial mascot of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the adorable Beebo alongside Captain Sara Lance in the posters.

And if these Arrowverse Masks aren’t enough to make you take the coronavirus seriously, we guess you’ll just have to let Kakashi-sensei and some ninjas set an example for you instead.