BioWare’s Anthem Reveals New Gameplay Footage

Anthem, a massive multiplayer online role-playing game that’s set in a Destiny-esque, science-fantasy sort of world, is BioWare’s upcoming project, scheduled for release on February 22, 2019.

Traversing a world forsaken by the gods and ravaged by beasts, you’ll play a Freelancer determined to champion humanity’s cause and even the odds for mankind’s survival (or ecological dominance, assuming the game’s portrayal of mankind is anything like how it is in reality).

Recent footage of its gameplay streamed for Paris Games Week revealed a mission titled: The Lost Archanist, which really is pretty self-explanatory. And it’s also demonstrated the combat capabilities of three Javelins — Storm, Colossus and Interceptor.

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The Javelins are exosuits players can equip themselves with, and subsequently upgrade and customise. As the Freelancer’s primary weapon, they’ll enable flight and boast a couple of kick-ass ults specific to each suit — Storm predictably summons an icy blast (over a circular area of effect), Colossus a massive explosion, while Interceptor lets you warp from enemy to enemy with your dual blades (which kind of reminds us of a certain Kingsglaive from Final Fantasy XV).

The live stream is accessible on Your Anthem’s YouTube channel, although do note that their audio suffered from an echo mishap up till 3:37 in the video. Also, as the game’s still in its alpha stage, its assets may not be complete.

Nevertheless, we’re looking forward to their upcoming stream on November 1, 2018.

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