Best PS5 SSD For 2021: M.2 NVMe Storage Expansion For Every Budget

As a PlayStation 5 owner, you will know just how fast the 667 GB of internal SSD storage runs out pretty quickly, and with the PS5 September update unlocking the M.2 SSD storage expansion slot on the PS5, now’s the best time to hunt for a PS5-compatible SSD to fill that slot.

According to Sony’s official guide, the M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Interface: PCI-Express Gen4x4 supported M.2 NVMe SSD
  • Storage Size: 250GB to 4TB
  • Supported Size: 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280, 22110
  • Read Speed: 5500 MB/s or faster is recommended (not a must)
  • Socket Type: Socket 3 (Key M)
  • Size (including heatsink): Width up to 25mm, Length 30/40/60/80/110mm, Thickness up to 11.25mm (up to 8mm from above the board, up to 2.45mm from below the board)

It can be rather daunting to research which is the best SSD option for you, so we have gone out and done it all for you, so you can skip all the technical jargon above.

We have broken them down into several categories to suit every PS5 owner’s needs, based on convenience and budget concerns.

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Best “PS5-Compatible” SSDs (with heatsink)

If you want to skip all the work figuring out which SSD (without heatsink) to buy, and the need to buy an additional third-party heatsink to mount it on, these three officially confirmed PS5-compatible SSDs with built-in heatsinks are the way to go.

If you are wondering which of the above three SSDs is the better option or back for its buck, we have gone out and tested all three of them out on our PS5 console. See the comparison results here.

Best Budget SSDs (with heatsink)

Although some of these SSD options maybe fall slightly below Sony’s recommended read speed, they are still compatible and work well on the PS5.

Best Budget SSDs (without heatsink)

If the SSD options with built-in heatsink are out of your budget, or simply out of stock (very likely), these will make good alternatives, and are easy on your wallet. Just make sure to scroll down further to ensure you buy a third-party heatsink to pair with it.

Third-party Heatsink Options

Remember, if you decide to go with one of the SSD options above that doesn’t come with a built-in heatsink, you’ll have to get one of the following heatsinks to go with it. Both options will fit any of the SSDs listed above and well within the dimensions recommended by Sony:

External SSD Storage Options

To save even more internal SSD storage space on your PS5, you should definitely consider moving your PS4 games to an external SSD instead. Head here for our comprehensive list of recommendations.