In light of all the outrage over how unrealistic Battlefield V has portrayed WW2 to be; with women soldiers, limb prosthetics and katana-wielding Brits, we look into Battlefield’s history to feature some of the most “realistic” things that you can do in the game.

Get eaten by an extinct shark

This is probably the most famous easter egg planted in Battlefield 4, where players can trigger a Megalodon to jump out of the ocean.

It takes place on the Nansha Strike map from the Naval Strike DLC, where 10 players have to swim to a specific spot to trigger the giant shark to leap out at them.

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Mid-air jet-swap kill

Here we see one of the most incredible stunt kills pulled off by player Stun_Gravy in Battlefield 3. Being locked on by anti-air missiles from the ground, and an enemy fighter jet hot on his tail, there was only one rational decision he could make; Jump out of his plane, kill the pilot of the one behind him and hijack it. Wow. Not realistic, but definitely an incredible play.

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Anti-air, tank?

“Yeah mate, I shot a plane down with tank being launched into the air with C4. Didn’t survive though.”

That is probably how the conversation would have went down if someone asked player ponylionHD why he plays Battlefield.

For those who cannot tell what is going on, he essentially tells his friend to plant C4 below the tank that he is in, and detonate it just as an enemy jet flies by, allowing him to fire a tank round into his unfortunate victim (who did not even know how he got killed).

Jet surfing

Most of the ridiculous stunts and kills that you can pull off in Battlefield involves fighter jets somehow, just because of how the game mechanics work.

Player F4ithHD literally ejects from his fighter jet and surfs on it, while locking on to an enemy plane behind him and destroying it before flying off again. Plays like this just make you question how unrealistic this game can and at the same time, make you feel bad for how much of a noob you are.

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We see Battlefield physics on a whole new level here, where a burning airship glitches out and turns into a remarkable fire-tornado.

This was not an incredible play of any particular player, but just Battlefield, being Battlefield.

With Battlefield V on the horizon, what kind of ridiculous antics can we expect to see? Based on the recent reveal trailer, we can see DICE and EA have snuck a couple of easter eggs in it, and the multiplayer experience gives off a vibe in the tune of Bad Company.

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