Weapons, up. Armour, on. Potions, check. The pixellated opponent strikes hard; phew, there’s still HP left. Then, the moment of doom: a multi-attack across all your troops, and health bars drop to show a pitiful 1 HP.

Ah, a familiar sight for fans of the JPRG genre – and viewers of Marvel Japan’s latest promotional project of the very highly-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War. Well, almost.

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In a clever twist of things, the team has recreated an unconventionally quirky marketing reel of the movie into a retro Avengers RPG. Our favourite superheroes, now as adorable sprites, are squared off against Thanos, whose Infinity Gauntlet will soon bring two teams of fighters to their knees.

Spider-Man deals null damage! Hulk’s Smash fails! Dr Strange’s attack is rendered ineffective! Instead of being reduced to one HP each, both groups are immediately slapped with a one-hit KO. Ouch, nothing stands in the way of the Mad Titan.

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The video obviously borrows inspiration from the Final Fantasy series. Apart from the classic blue selection menu, there’s also the Mode-7 mapping (0:30), the cave tileset from FFIV, and the bouncing motion often associated with the brawlers from FFVI.

Frankly, it’s a pretty refreshing and highly creative change-up from the usual movie promotional material. Disney Japan has indubitably executed the concept well, but one question remains: Whose great idea is it to not use Regen before taking on one of the most powerful villains ever?

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