Aftershock PC Laptops Now Feature Intel’s 8th Gen Coffee Lake Processors

Aftershock PC, one of Singapore’s leading custom PC solutions, has refreshed their product lines, with Intel’s new chipset and a slew of features which would appeal to their target audience.

All Aftershock laptops across the product lines are now able to be configured with Intel’s Coffee Lake processors, with the i5-8300H and i7-8750H being available.

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Having high refresh rates in laptop displays seems to be the trend in recent times, and Aftershock is also jumping on the bandwagon. All three laptop lines: the MX Series, S Series and P Series, are now configurable with AHVA (Advanced Hyper Viewing Angle) displays of up to 144Hz, while maintaining colour accuracy to a certain extent.

Improving on user feedback, Aftershock has also revamped their laptop keyboards, with a focus on being silent with the tactile feedback. This follows feedback from users wanting for keyboards to be quieter while typing in work or classroom settings. Good on Aftershock for listening to their customers!

Aftershock PCs have always delivered great value for your money, with a price-performance ratio being very competitive against other manufacturers. With them offering the newest chipsets and high-end displays in even their entry-level MX Series, consumers now do not have to compromise with lower-performance machines even when on a tight budget.

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