Aftershock’s Newest BOLT Esports Rig Brings Affordability To Gaming

Gaming is an expensive past time, especially for the more enthusiastic individuals. In addition to the game titles themselves, high-end peripherals can come attached with a hefty price tag; after all, quality comes at a cost. Needless to say, treading the esports water naturally pushes the cost to even greater heights.

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Aftershock’s latest creation seeks to change that. In a move that might just increase their existing consumer base, the local company is combining both the quality and affordability factors into one product, by means of a system named BOLT.

Designed to deliver maximum performance for esports titles at an unmatched price point, the sleek, red-and-black-adorned esports rig focuses on three pure gaming essentials: performance, thermals, and upgradability. It has the specs to back up the talk, too – under the hood, the BOLT is equipped with the NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050, 1050TI, or 1060, cards that are considered some of the best performing in the market.

Beyond its gaming capabilities is where the attention to detail lies. To prevent wire clutter, a cable management system is attached to the interior of the BOLT, which also happens to be decked out in industry-grade materials. Meanwhile, a magnetic patterned dust filter can be found on the top and bottom panels, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. As per the company’s “Your rig, your choice” slogan, customisation is, as usual, available on the official website as well.

Retailing at S$841, Aftershock’s newest rig is certainly an attractive alternative. It may not be equipped with the latest GTX 1080 graphics card, but with a more-than-well-rounded kit, the BOLT is easily the best bang for one’s buck – and that means gamers can finally enjoy the rare, sweet unification of esports and affordability.