Aftershock PC’s Latest Desktop Creation Packs A Miniature Bubble Tea Store Within

Back in September 2021, Aftershock PC created the world’s first bubble tea themed PC, and was then made available for purchase in April 2022. But at the time, only one rig was made, which was snapped up in an instant, for a cool price of S$7,999. Just last month, Aftershock PC collaborated with bubble tea vendor, LiHO to come up with a one-of-a-kind rig based on its iconic K-Strawberry drink.

This time, Aftershock PC has designed PC Rig that has an actual miniature bubble tea store within. The casing is decked out with a bubble tea counter, with cash register, a table and two chairs so you can add in your own favourite figurines.

Customers will get to choose their preferred flavour (such as taro purple or matcha green) and let it flow through the PC’s liquid cooling system to the heart of the PC where there is a specially crafted Bubble Tea Cup that features faux pearls swirling inside, filled with the same colour-matched liquid. There’s also a built-in LCD touchscreen that can be set with an animated bubble tea wallpaper to match the PC.

The Aftershock PC Bubble Tea Store Premium Series Desktop PC starts at S$4,854 and can be customized at Aftershock PC’s website now.