A weekend with Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

They simply don’t make sim-games like Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! anymore. When I activated the preview code at 10am, it was only later in the afternoon at 4pm was I able to claw myself away from the screen. For hunger had prevailed.

Holy Potatoes! is similar to Game Dev Tycoon, interlaced with plenty of tongue in cheek humour. If you grew up with games such as Theme Hospital, you would love the humor in the game. The game can easily draw comparisons to Kairosoft’s Game Dev Story as well.

It appears that Daylight Studios has nailed down a winning game formula considering how easy it is to lose hours to Holy Potatoes!

As your minions cheer themselves on as they produce weapon after weapon is where the similarities to Game Dev Tycoon can easily be drawn. I wonder who writes the lines for the entire game as it seems that the pun level for the game is turned up to eleven.

Having played the early press build, the game seems to have progressed a fair bit since my last outing. There certainly is more to see and do in the game overall and that’s a very big understatement.

It seems that now there’s a big race against inflation. As your workers level up in different aspects of their skill set, a huge output of weapons is essential to keep them employed. Thankfully, the game ended before my wage bill spiraled out of control.

Earning only $tarch 1,427 per sale run would hardly make a dent into your overheads. It seems that the more talented your workers are the higher a wage they command. Can I be an evil employer later on in the game? One can only hope.


Peeking into the various menus gave me an idea how much depth Holy Potatoes! might have in store for us and that leaves me wondering how much would the game eventually be priced at. By the looks of it, Holy Potatoes! is looking to be an easy purchase for the wallet.

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! feels like the sort of game that would also be great to be played on mobile devices as well. The game is shaping up mighty fine and I cannot wait to lay my hands on the finished product!