10 New Secrets From Avengers: Infinity War You Never Caught

With the recent home video and digital release of summer blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity War, which also comes packed with a commentary track by directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, as well as writers, Cristopher Markus and Stephen Mcfeely, plenty of new information about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) popped up. Other than the commentary, the Russo brothers also answered some questions on Twitter, and fans rewatching the movie have been able to pick up little things that went by unnoticed in the theatres.

Here are 10, in no particular order, of the best new tidbits that we learned.

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1. Who can lift Stormbreaker?

One of the biggest plot points in Thor’s entire story is when he lost Mjolnir, both in the first Thor movie and in the latest one, Thor: Ragnarok. During the first movie, Thor was deemed unworthy to use Mjolnir and was not able to pick the hammer up. This worthiness test has also been used as visual gags in other MCU movies, like when everyone tried to lift Mjolnir during a party and failed, or when Quicksilver tried to grab it mid-flight and was instead pulled along for a ride. Only the worthy can pick up Mjolnir, and so far, the only ones shown to be able to do so were Odin, Thor and Vision.

With Thor’s new weapon, Stormbreaker, we saw that Groot, though clearly in great pain, was able to lift the giant ax/hammer hybrid. This then prompted many fans to ask if Groot was worthy, and could potentially lift Mjolnir as well if it had still existed.

But no one has explicitly said that only the worthy could lift Stormbreaker.

Apparently, worthiness is only important to Mjolnir. For Stormbreaker, it’s strength. They hinted at who exactly is able to lift Stormbreaker, people who are as strong as, or stronger than Thor. Our money is on the Captains Steve Rogers and Carol Danvers. Maybe Tony if he wore the suit.

2. What’s going to happen to Red Skull?

The Red Skull first appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger as its main antagonist. Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched a 7-year-old movie – he was killed at the end of the movie in a blazing flash of light.

Or so we thought. That’s why we were surprised when we saw him again on the planet Vormir, as the guardian of the Soul Stone. Now that the Soul Stone no longer needs to be guarded, does it mean that the Red Skull is free to roam the galaxy again.

The wording here is interesting. Are the Russo brothers hinting that Red Skull might have some kind of role in the next Avengers movie because he still wants to get an infinity stone? Red Skull is a pretty big villain in the comics, so it feels like there’s no way they’ll just let him be without a definitive fate. Either way, with Red Skull running amok once again, it’s possible that we will see him in a future Marvel installment.

3. Cap, Nat, and Falcon have been on the run together

Other than Thor, the only other two characters who got a pretty drastic change to their look in Infinity War is Captain America and Black Widow. (Unless you count Vision’s human skin.) Steve Rogers grew out his hair and beard, while Natasha Romanoff dyed her hair blonde. And yes, the reason that their appearance changed is that they’ve been on the run, along with Falcon, since Captain America: Civil War.

4. Two sides of the same coin

One of the most memorable interactions from Avengers: Infinity War is the one between Iron Man and Doctor Strange. Their banter was so good, people started shipping the two together. Shipping aside, the Russo brothers revealed that their interaction was the one that they looked forward to the most. They’re both narcissists that fell victim to that narcissism. They both hit a really low point in their career, only to emerge from it better than ever. The only real difference is that Tony used science and technology to persevere while Stephen used magic – which is really just science we haven’t understood yet, so they’re even more similar than you think.

5. A little red, gold and blue

There was no mention of Carol Danvers at all during Infinity War, until the very end of the post credit scene. That is until we were able to watch the movie again and again and nitpick every little scene.

In the fight scene in New York, two of Thanos’ Black Order, Cull Obsidian (the big one) and Ebony Maw (the skinny one), came to get the Time Stone from Doctor Strange. Everything was so fast paced in that scene that people missed this potential little easter egg.

Around Cull Obsidian’s waist is a red, gold and blue sash, in the exact same color and pattern as Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel outfit, even down to the diagonal gold stripes. Carol also has a red sash as part of her costume, making the visual similarities between the two even stronger. So why is he wearing this sash? In the comics, Carol’s uniform takes a lot of visual cues from the Kree army, as a lot of her powers came from an accident involving Mar-Vell, a former Kree spy. It’s possible that Cull Obsidian is wearing this sash as a trophy for killing another Kree warrior. Another theory, which hopefully isn’t true, is that this is actually Carol’s sash and she was killed by Cull Obsidian, hence her absence this whole time. Maybe they’ve clashed before, and he grabbed this from her as a trophy, until they meet again.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether this is an actual easter egg for Captain Marvel, but with all the evidence and knowing how Marvel loves to put in easter eggs, it’s hard to think otherwise.

6. The Crimson Bands of Cytorrak

When the gang was battling Thanos on Titan, Doctor Strange used a spell that should be familiar to all Doctor Strange fans: The Crimson Bands of Cytorrak. The writers confirmed this in their commentary of the movie.

In Doctor Strange, the Cloak of Levitation urged Strange to use a strange contraption that bound Kaecilious so that he is unable to move. That contraption was also called the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak. In Infinity War, this version of the bands is a lot more similar to the comic book version of glowing red bands that are summoned through a spell instead of a metal unfolding contraption. It’s nice that they retconned the previous version of the Crimson Band for one more similar to the comic books.

7. Using the Stones comes with consequences

We got a glimpse of this during the end of Infinity War. After Thanos snapped his finger, he sat in a hut in the middle of what looked like rice paddies, looking weary with a damaged arm where the gauntlet was. The Russo Brothers confirmed this again for us and told us that there is always a cost to using the Stones.

What exactly is this cost? Does that mean Thanos won’t be using the gauntlet anymore? Would our heroes use the gauntlet to fix what Thanos has done, at their own cost? Is this how a lot of the characters we love leave the MCU?

8. Tony’s dream was just a dream

From the visions he’s been having in Age of Ultron, to the dream he had at the beginning of Infinity War, many have been questioning if these visions are precognitive in nature. The Russo brothers have confirmed that it is just a dream. But that’s not all they said, they also said that dreams are mysterious.

This might imply that though these are just dreams, it has more meaning to it than just that. Tony is smart, quite possibly the smartest person in the whole of MCU. Being that smart means your brain doesn’t function the same way that other, lesser intelligent humans do. These dreams he’s having might not be precognition, but it might just change the whole game for our heroes.

9. It is possible to combine the Stones’ power

It’s hard to keep track of glowing little lights on-screen when there are a hundred other things going on, but upon rewatch, fans noticed that each stone glows as Thanos uses its specific power. When he used the Reality Stone to show our heroes how Titan used to look like, the Stone glowed red. What’s also interesting is that he can combine the powers to do amazing things. Using the Power and Space Stone, Thanos was able to pull the freaking moon! This means the Gauntlet has almost limitless abilities, other than just killing half the population. This again brings up the questionability of his decision that eradicating 50% of all living creatures in the world would solve the problem of overpopulation and not enough natural resources. Come on, Thanos, be more creative.

10. Valkyrie is alive!

The beginning of Infinity War started off bleak. Thanos and his lackeys have hijacked the Asgardians’ escape vehicle. Dead bodies are strewn everywhere. Thor is at the mercy of Thanos. Heimdall and Loki are dead. Hulk was sent away. But other than those, there are a few important characters that we didn’t see, namely our beloved, resistance leader Korg and the ass-kicking warrior Valkyrie. In the commentary, the Russo brothers confirmed that Valkyrie made it off the ship, bringing a handful of Asgardians with her. This is great news because not only was she not killed offscreen, it also means that we’ll probably see more of her in future MCU installments.

That’s only a few of the things that we learned about Infinity War and the future of the MCU. The MCU is well known for its secrecy (Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo aside) but fans are relentless to know every single little detail about the movie. All these little tidbits made us even more excited for the upcoming Avengers movie and other MCU movies to follow.