Neill Blomkamp Wants Old RoboCop To Be RoboCop Again

The upcoming RoboCop movie may have a familiar face in it. Over on Twitter, Neill Blomkamp, the director of the new RoboCop movie, replied to a tweet with a name that longtime fans would recognize.

Peter Weller played the mechanically endowed officer named Alex J. Murphy, better known as RoboCop, in the 1987 movie RoboCop. The team behind this new movie has said that the movie will be a direct sequel of the 1987 movie, with some of the old team behind the scenes. Because of that, it would make some sense for Weller to re-don that robot outfit and reprise his role. Neill Blomkamp is also known for wanting to bring back some of the original cast of new installments of old franchises, like for his pitch of Alien 5, where he wanted to bring the likes of Sigourney Weaver, Micahel Biehn, and Carrie Henn to play their original roles.

Blomkamp is clearly a fan of 80’s movies and wants to keep to the spirit of the originals as much as possible. But Peter Weller reprising his role? This could be both good and bad. The obvious bad reason is that he’s now pushing 72 years in age. Would he be able to keep up with all the action sequence a movie like RoboCop would require? Would he still be able to deliver as an action hero? There’s a reason why action stars are usually young men with bulging muscles.

Peter Weller in RoboCop in 1987 (left), and Peter Weller at the premiere of Star Trek: Into Darkness in 2013 (right)

On the other hand, wouldn’t having an older, aging RoboCop be such a fascinating storyline? RoboCop is still partially human and for sure that human part will age. How will his robot body deal with his aging, human body? Will his robotic parts get upgraded as time goes on? Will his human parts end up living longer because he’s partially robotic? And maybe it’s time to change things up a bit and have an older, balding man with a belly to take center stage as an action hero.