For Honor is high on our list of games to look forward to in 2017, and what better way to drum up more interest and hype than a good old Closed Beta? Slated to begin on January 26 – 29, players on all current-gen consoles and PC will have a chance to duke it out during this period.

During the Closed Beta, Ubisoft will be holding a limited-time event, “War of the Factions” will be tracking the stats of all players during the Closed Beta, and reward them accordingly for fighting hard for their chosen faction (Vikings, Samurai, and Knights). The winning faction will stand to gain even more rewards!

The best part? These rewards will carry over to the full retail release, and is exclusively available only to participants of the Closed Beta! If you cannot wait to get your hands dirty and take out the other factions, sign up for the Closed Beta here.

For Honor pits the Knights, Samurai, and Vikings in a battle to the death, and features both a single-player campaign and an exciting multiplayer component. The combat system rewards strategic planning and well-timed parries in a battle of wits and fortitude, with different classes of warriors offering unique skills to bring to battle.

For Honor will arrive on February 14.

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