Singapore Scores Brand New Sony Glacier White PS4 Slim Ahead of the World

With Sony announcing their brand new Glacier White version of its new PlayStation 4 Slim, we’re pretty stoked to see Singapore being one of the few select countries to receive this brand new colour variant.

Apart from Singapore, the Glacier White PS4 Slim will also be released in Europe and Japan. This is where is gets even better – Singapore would possibly be the first in the world to unbox this console with a release date being slated for 19 January 2017. Otherwise, Sony fans would have to wait for 24 January in Europe and on 23 February in Japan. Even the US has yet to receive a release date for the first colour variation of the standard PS4’s new case.

In Singapore, the new colour will be available on 19 January 2017 with a 500GB HDD at S$449 or 1TB HDD S$499. If these sizes are not enough for you, remember that the PS4 HDD is expandable as well.

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But wait, there’s more!

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Because us gamers can be an irrational lot, the colours of a controller matter as well. In line with their new controller refresh, two new variants of the CUH-ZCT2 line of controllers will also be released on the same day in Glacier White and Green Camouflage at S$67.90.

The difference? Wired USB communication which the previous generation did not support.

If you’re planning to get the Glacier White console to match the home, remember to keep it out of the sun as much as possible!

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