Geek Preview Netflix Games Goes On Offensive With Over 40 Titles Launching In 2023

Geek Preview: Netflix Games Goes On Offensive With Over 40 Titles Launching In 2023

When it comes to viewing content, the streaming giant that is Netflix has its fingers almost everywhere. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who has not consumed anything via Netflix, and it is this drive to serve consumers what they need before they even know it that forms the core of Netflix Games‘ approach as well.

Granted, it may be a different space altogether, with gaming enthusiasts harbouring a different set of expectations, but it is a challenge that Netflix Games is more than happy to take on. With a vision “to become a world-class publisher” and “working with amazing developers to deliver must-play games” to the millions of Netflix subscribers around the world, it is a lofty goal that had us sit up and take notice.

Netflix Head of External Game Development, Leanne Loombe
Netflix Head of External Game Development, Leanne Loombe

As Netflix Head of External Game Development, Leanne Loombe, shared, the company has already launched over 55 games since November 2021. More importantly, there are over 70 games in development with external partners, with about 40 games set to be launched in 2023 alone. For their own studios, there are also 16 games that are in active development.

All in all, it paints a very healthy picture of what the company has planned for the gaming landscape, and the potential is clear.

Aside from the offerings in the pipeline, Netflix Games also takes a user-centric approach when delivering the goods. This means no ads or in-app purchases that allow both consumers and developers to benefit, a broad portfolio of games to cater to every taste, and of course, expanding beloved worlds that are part of the many IPs under Netflix.

By learning from the way subscribers play, together with their preferences, Netflix Games is well aware of the general direction in which they should head for the future. Users are looking for recognisable titles, games that can be played daily, and those that feature Netflix IP.

Netflix Games want to continue to curate their overall portfolio, releasing new and exclusive games, and to do so every single month. As for the longer term, it means being a prime destination of must-play games, together with games for every member, allowing the company to become a true world-class publisher. It all kicks off with some new titles.

Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace

Netflix Games Mighty Quest Rogue Palace

Following the excellent Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, Ubisoft will be continuing its partnership with Netflix Games with Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, which launches on 18 April.

If the name seems familiar, the original game, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, was a free-to-play action RPG released back in 2013. The new iteration will see enhanced gameplay loops that players will be familiar with, delivered in upgraded visuals with a clearer focus on narrative.

Monument Valley(s)

Netflix Games Monument Valley

Netflix Games has also successfully partnered with ustwo Games for Desta: The Memories Between, but for many players, it is the Monument Valley games that are the big draw. And that is exactly what the platform will be giving players, as both the first and second games will become available in 2024.

Super Evil Megacorp Partnership with Netflix Games

The award-winning, independent studio behind Vainglory and Catalyst Black will be joining the Netflix Games family, and is currently working on a game that involves an upcoming Netflix IP. It will likely involve the use of the studio’s proprietary EVIL engine.

Development is still at an early stage, but it will be exciting to see just what the partnership can produce in the mobile market.

While it is still early days in the branching out of the streaming giant into the world of video games, it is very apparent that they are not taking things lightly. From addressing player concerns to ensuring that development is headed in the right direction, there is much to be positive about the coming year.

Even if you are not a fan of mobile gaming, this move will always be an added benefit of your Netflix subscription, one that you can always check out without any commitment required. That will be exactly what Netflix Games want, and we cannot wait for more.